U.S.: Canada-based Vietnamese Gangs Responsible for Higher Ecstasy Drug Sales, Recent Deaths

The Vancouver Sun reports that the U.S. has been working with Canada to slow the importation of drug Ecstasy.  It seems that the precursor chemicals to production of ecstasy had beenmore readily available in Canada than in other countries.

The article comments upon the number of deaths in British Columbia in recent history:

B.C.’s chief medical health officer Dr. Perry Kendall said that according to the B.C. Coroners Service, in the four years to 2010 there have been from 10 to 24 ecstasy-related deaths per year. People who suffer an adverse reaction to ecstasy can have psychotic breakdowns, hallucinations and agitation as well as seizures, kidney failure and, in rare cases, heart attacks.

The article did not discuss the machination of why Vietnamese gangs chose to earn money this way.  The two convicted persons mentioned did not have Vietnamese-sounding names.  But do these efforts really stem the tide of drugs?  Here we go again, drug legalization versus fighting harder on demand and criminals.  What say Magnumasi readers? Click here to read more from the Vancouver Sun.