Speaking of football, what is Will Demps doing these days?

Nowadays, all the news is about Jeff Demps, a Gator quarterback at the University of Florida, who’s probably not even related to our dear Will.  From a look at Wills Twitter feeds, it seems like he’s just enjoying living life in his hometown of San Diego.

However, what was that about “the big day” with a picture of him in a tuxedo, along with discussion of meeting up to tailgate to a wedding?  Did he marry?  Well, his Tweeter page still says he’s “People Magazine’s Hottest Bachelor”.  Is he still a bachelor?  Certainly many of the ladies would like to know the status of this hunky.

It also looks like Will Demps is keeping busy with his bar Wet Willies in the Gaslamp District of San Diego.  Demps is reported to be another prominent Hapa-Ma, his mother being Korean and his father African-American.  Whatever the combo, it resulted in a cosmetically pleasing set of genetics.  Demps left the NFL in 2009 after playing with the Houston Texans.

One of his recent tweets features an idea that is time tested.  This article will close with it.