Magnumasi™ is a news and information online magazine presented for and about men of Asian ethnicity living in the Western world, primarily the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe and Latin America.  It’s focus is towards positivity, emphasizing achievement, masculinity, intellect and character, with a dash of impeccable dressing and grooming stories.

What does “Magnumasi” mean?  Magnumasi™ is a combination of several ideas.   First, “magnum” is defined at dictionary.com as:

We like the use of adjective definitions 3 and 5 as a thematic idea.  Having a larger charge than other cartridges of the same size?  Check.  Unusually great in power or size?  Check.

“Asi”?  That’s just a shortened version of Asian or Asia.  Using those full names meant the domain name cost too much.  Better to make up our own word anyway.

“Mag” is short for magazine.  “Nu” is another way of saying “New”.

Magnumasi™ is a publication of Magnumedia.