Overseas Vietnamese gather in Saigon for Lunar New Year greetings

 While some Gulf Coast Vietnamese-Americans try to stay financially alive after the BP Oil Spill  (see story), others return to South Vietnam to participate in Tet, the Vietnamese New Year.  Many Vietnamese living abroad returned for Tet.  They were greeted by government leaders.

 City leaders, overseas Vietnamese gather for Lunar New Year greetings

Ho Chi Minh City leaders on Tuesday night met around 700 overseas Vietnamese returning from 21 countries and territories to extend their Tet greetings.

 Overseas Vietnamese at a Tet gathering in Ho Chi Minh City on the January 17, 2012 night (Photo: Viet Dung)

City Party Secretary Le Thanh Hai and People’s Committee Chairman Le Hoang Quan attended the special year-end gathering.

The city Party chief presented merit certificates to overseas outstanding people and organisations for their significant contributions to the homeland’s development

The Saigon VP Daily, the news organ of the Party Committee, The Communist Party of Vietnam reports,

 Vietnamese American David Trung Duong, chairman and CEO of the Vietnam Solid Waste Treatment Limited Company, was awarded a Labor Order, third class. His company was also awarded a Labor Order, third class.

Government officials essentially thanked these former Vietnamese for propping up the country, and gave out awards.

Addressing the gathering, city People’s Committee Chairman Quan said the southern metropolis achieved dramatic economic development last year and overseas Vietnamese contributed to these achievements.

He said overseas Vietnamese were expected to continue to play the role of a bridge in culture, economy and trade, as well as to make further contributions to the homeland’s development.

Last year’s remittances sent to the city reached US$5 billion, increasing by 25 percent on 2010, according to the city Department of Planning and Investment.

By Mai Huong, translated by Tuong Thuy

SGGP English Edition- City leaders, overseas Vietnamese gather for Lunar New Year greetings