New Hampshire Primaries Today in State Seeing Large Asian-American Growth

According to a story in the National Journal, New Hamphsire is one state showing high growth in the number of Asian-American residents, along with Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia.  Asian rights organizations Asian American Justice Center and Asian Pacific American Legal Center use these statistics to say that the politicians should pay more attention to the Asian-American voter.

Certainly, the influence of the Peoples’ Republic of China on the world stage makes politics relating to the region of Pacific-oriented Asia very relevant in today’s political climate.  John Huntsman, former Utah Governor and U.S. Ambassador to China, certainly adds substance to the discussion on the GOP side of the primaries.  But the question is what are “Asian-American” issues?  Do Asian-Americans vote and think monolithically?  Are there any concerns shared by all?  Apparently not, as there are ethnically Asian politicians elected in the U.S. from both political parties.

Recent census data shows that persons claiming Asian as a race are 2.2% of the New Hampshire population.  This number necessarily includes non-citizens, since the Census data collected is of respondents not just citizens.  Non-citizens are, hopefully, not voting in elections, since that is illegal.  So, the overall impact of the Asian-American vote in New Hampshire will not be large, that is assuming, again, that Asian-Americans as a whole vote differently than the general population.