Michigan Physician Sentenced 10 years in Cambodia for Sex with Boys

Phillip Bruce Shepard from Michigan, a 68 year-old doctor, was finally convicted of child prostitution with two boys aged 12 and 14.  The Herald-Sun of Australia reports that he is convicted for 10 years, and then after that he is to be deported.  Hopefully, other would-be pedophiles would be put on notice.

Herald-Sun also reports that the doctor had been working at a Phnom Pen clinic at the time he came under suspicion.  The legal representation for the victims was provided by an organization specializing in human trafficking, Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), whose website is down at the time this report is filed.

For anyone concerned about this issue, here is more information about APLE from humantrafficking.org:

Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), Cambodia is a non-governmental human rights organization established to combat the sexual exploitation of children. APLE seeks to monitor the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Cambodia and denounce such abuse to the relevant authorities.

APLE’s lawyers provide pro bono legal advice and representation to child victims of sexual abuse and their families, whilst their social workers provide access to counselling and social rehabilitation to child victims. APLE further contributes to the global efforts to combat the causes and effects of child sexual abuse through research and advocacy.