Look Your Best, With Your Own Personal Stylist

Perhaps it is because of the economy or maybe it is just old-fashioned customer service, but did you know that several top department stores provide the services of a personal stylist for free?  In fact, Nordstroms has provided this service for many years.  Here is Nordstrom’s pitch:

Our service is free, for both men and women—and there’s never an obligation. And getting started is simple—just book a one-on-one appointment with one of our Stylists today.

When you go to the Nordstrom website, you will be looking for a Personal Stylist.


Our personal Stylist is our resident expert on all things fresh and fashionable. This how-to guru can shop our entire store to help you find whatever you need—whether it’s the perfect outfit-making accessory or a whole new look. They’ll even pull things ahead of time to make your shopping experience simpler and faster.

Did we mention that this service is free, and there’s no obligation? Just go to Customer Service and ask for a stylist, or call 1.877.283.4048 to make an appointment. To have a Personal Stylist contact you, simply complete our online form.

Now these stylists do not charge you, nor do they mess with your hair.  This is for clothing, shoes and accessories.  The stylist makes money through commissions on the clothes you buy.  There is some criticism of this.  NYIC, a New York-based image consultancy, which charges for stylist services, provides this warning:

What distinguishes New York Image from all of the other personal shoppers are the goals of our consultants, they are tailored to each individual client. Yes, there are free services of personal shoppers provided to you by department stores, but sadly all in-store personal shoppers are driven by the commission they make. Your best interest is not always the ultimate goal they have in mind; it’s mostly their commission. Top salesperson are usually promoted to the Personal Shopping Department, unfortunately no fashion education or experience is ever required.

However, there is no obligation to buy.  Hey, you might even like some of the looks they suggest.

Macy’s is another store that provides this service.

macys by appointment personal shopping service

Your style. Your budget. Your needs. Easy, fun and absolutely free, Macy’s By Appointment focuses exclusively on you! Whether you’re getting ready for an interview, refreshing your wardrobe or searching for the perfect gift, our expert Personal Shoppers can help save you time & money, making your life simpler!

• Individual appointments
• Personal profile of your style preferences
• First dibs on your size & the brands you love
• Wardrobe consultations
• Advance notice of exclusive sales & events

Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor offer the same time of service.  If you wish to hire a stylist, most medium to large size cities have them.  Interview them and find one you are comfortable with.  Take a trusted couple of friends (male and female) with you to get their feedback.  Many stylists that you might employ start with what you already have in your closet and add on to that, taking into account your budget and lifestyle.  Just google or bing the name of your town and “personal stylist” and see what you come up with.  As you’ve heard, “clothes make the man”.

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