Job Opening: Cutthroat Vietnamese Nail Salon Operator? Nail Salons: Unplugged

Who knew there was a blog devoted to discussing the Vietnamese nail salon owners and the gripes they have with each other?

Quynh Le from Cincinnati says, “I just don’t like the way that some owners open shops not even 100 feet away, then set all their prices super low in high-end areas. I think my prices are so reasonable and I use the best product lines. I have so many problems not with other ethnicities but with other Vietnamese salon owners. It isn’t the right way to do business.”

The blogger of Viet Salon Voice blog, “Kim”, urges everyone not to compete so heavily so that Vietnamese salons as a whole are not hurt.  Other commenters argue that it’s not that Vietnamese are to blame but that regulators are so poor at monitoring bad salons.

Though the workers at the salons are usually women, often, it’s a man or a couple that operates the salon.  Is this a case of men having better skills of raising capital, better at management, or that uneducated, and mono-lingual women immigrating have few options but to work for men, while male similarly situated male immigrants can get work doing labor?  Comment on the state of nail salons and any personal experience with the amount of money these operators net.