Ins Choi – Torontan P.K. (Pastor’s Kid) Became a Playwright

Many people wonder whether someone will ever write a warm, soulful, funny stageplay about Korean convenience store operators in Canada.  The topic just screams “indy stageplay”.  Oh.  Wait.  Someone has.  He’s Ins Choi of Toronto.  And, it, the play, won the 2011 Toronto Fringe New Play of the year.  Since this, Choi was been featured in The Toronto Star, twice, and NOW Toronto.

About the playwright Ins Choi, the blog for his first play, Kim’s Convenience, says this last week,

This is Ins’ first play but he is no newbie to theatre creation. As part of the soulpepper academy, he was part of the ensemble that took the poetry of e.e. cummings, turned them into songs and theatrically performed them in a production called !re”birth: e.e. cummings in song. That same ensemble created a hilarious, magical show about the people of Toronto from the point of view of a hotdog vendor at Nathan Philips Square called Window on Toronto. Both of which was produced by Soulpepper as part of their 2011 season. He was also part of the team that created a unique show celebrating while deconstructing Christmas called 2000 Candles, which is enjoying it’s 7th year touring to churches and theatres across Canada during each advent season.

Ins is currently working on two plays. The first one is an absurd play about the absurd country of North Korea, called Northern Korea. The second play is a solo show based on Ins’ spoken word poetry that journeys with a homeless man wrestling with the Illuminati, planet X, numbers, angels and death, called Subway Stations of the Cross.”


Ins Choi, courtesy Kimsconvenience.tumblr.com

According to the Toronto Star, Mr. Choi’s father was a pastor of churches in South Korea.  Choi, the son, was raised in Toronto and grew up being a part of a church family.

The play Kim’s Convenience will headline at Toronto’s Soulpepper Theatre’s 2012 season on January 19, 2012.  For tickets, click here.

Here’s behind-the-scenes look at the play.