Asians Unlikely to Have Impact on South Carolina GOP Primary

Census: Asian-Indian Population Explodes Across U.S. – New America Media

In the South, meanwhile, the Indian American population increased by more than 80 percent in four states—Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky—and more than doubled in a fifth state, Georgia.
The population of Indian Americans in Florida rose from 70,740 in 2000 to 128,735 in 2010, an increase of 82 percent. Indians are the largest Asian group in Florida, far ahead of Filipinos, at 90,223.
In Georgia, the number of Asian Indians surged to 96,116, versus 46,132 in 2000. The next largest Asian populations were Koreans (52, 431), and Chinese and Vietnamese (virtually tied at around 45,000).
In South Carolina, where Nikki Haley, the daughter of Sikh immigrants, is governor, the Asian Indian population grew from 8,856 to 15,941. Filipinos are the second-largest Asian group, at 10,053, and Chinese third at 9,686.
The Asian groups listed separately in newly released census data are: Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese. All other Asians were grouped together in the “Other Asian” category, unless listed in mixed race cohorts.

Census: Asian-Indian Population Explodes Across U.S. – New America Media

 The U.S. government statistics on the 2010 census show that a very small percent of the population is Asian, despite the above article which says there has been explosive growth. 



Governor Haley has endorsed Mitt Romney.  Courtesy of yespunjab.wordpress.com, Nikki Haley’s full name is Namrata Kaur “Nikki” Randhawa Haley.