Asian Issue Failed to Take Down Chick Fil-A, Now Left Uses Gay Marriage to Try and Topple Chicken Sandwich Shop

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EDITORIAL:  Today is August 1, the day that those who support the right of Chick Fil-A President to publicly oppose same-sex marriage create traffic, crowds, lines and sales to demonstrate that solidarity.  So far, all indications from social media are that appreciation day is a success.  As of the posting of this story, Chick Fil-A’s facebook page boasts “5,829,773 likes · 818,306 talking about this · 4,965 were here”.

The fact is Chick-Fil-A has been a target of the left, particularly those who oppose traditional Christianity.  However, many Asian men and women, including Filipinos, Chinese and Koreans still strongly support the values of traditional Christianity.  The question is whether, having failed at trying to trump up furor in the professional Asian Left circles last year, the left is now using the gay marriage issue to try and take down a company that unabashedly supports traditional moral values.

Yes, the gay marriage brouhaha is not the first time Chick Fil-A has had a massive onslaught of piling on.  If one searches google for the words “asian chick fil a” one receives 62,300,000 results.  Ninety-five percent of those refer to one, ridiculously small issue that is repeated over and over as if the Asian holocaust had just occurred.

What could be so earth-shattering happening at a fast-food that one single incident would merit 60 million results?  Did a terrorist kill a bunch of people?  Was a rat found in the food?  Did someone slip and fall on a peach milkshake  and get a concussion?  No, none of these things happened.

What did happen, apparently, is that an Asian customer noticed that one cashier in one Chick-Fil-A was using the words “ching” and “chong” written on receipts to identify Asian-looking customers.  Did the cashier call them “ching” or “chong” to their face?  No.  Was this a franchise-wide or company-wide policy?  No.  Was any Asian denied service at a restaurant?  No.  Were any Asians called “Jap” or “chink”?  No.  Yet over 60 million stories on the one incident, where the cashier lost her job over it.

Many news sources and blogs by the professional Asian grievance crowd took up the mantle of this story in December of 2011. The blog Disgrasian published a piece called “Guess We Should Call It “Chink-fil-A”: Chick-fil-A Employee Dubs Asian Patrons “Ching” And “Chong””  The writer, Jen, asserts that “[t]he company actively hates gays and gay marriage, donating nearly $2 million to anti-gay groups in 2009”  Jen draws the conclusion that this one incident DOES in fact reflect on the whole company.  She further goes on to insert a false retraction which allegedly confirms that Chick-Fil-A “hates” gays.

Not to be outdone, the blog AngryAsianMan writes a post called “chick-fil-a cashier names customers “ching” and “chong”

I’m sure the cashier thought she was being clever as hell with her racist little nicknames. According to the post, the student in question talked to the manager about what happened. I hope Lia’s ass got fired on the spot. That’s racist!

So for this crime of the century, Lia should be fire “on the spot” because she’s a racist.  So, one supposes that anyone who is a racist should be fired.  So much for the First Amendment.

Other blogs piling on were RacismDaily, the Democratic Underground, a forum at YellowWorld (it being okay for Asians to call themselves “yellow” while no one else is allowed to use “ching” and “chong”), 8Asians, and millions more.

It did not appear that many of these top-appearing articles ever researched the numbers of Asians employed by Chick-Fil-A, nor the number of franchises owned by them.  Has anyone researched how professional Asian men and women have purchased the franchises and enjoy the work and profits from this respectable way of earning a living?

What are we saying?  Do people have a right not to buy food there?  People do have a right not to buy food there if they don’t like what anyone at the company says.  But while we are on the subject of prejudice and stereotype, we need to look at exactly who is prejudiced and who is doing the stereotyping for political expediency.

The professional left’s meltdown over the ching and chong incident did not seem to have much of an impact on the company.  Two folks at the top of the chain are billionaires Bloomberg reports today in its’ piece “Hidden Chick-fil-A Billionaires Hatched as Value Soars”.

Now the left uses gays in an attempt to take down the chain.  Gays might possibly be even more of a minority than Asians are, though we have not checked the numbers on that.  Our position is boycott if you want, but the world can be a brutal place financially when pet companies are boycotted in return.

One Response to Asian Issue Failed to Take Down Chick Fil-A, Now Left Uses Gay Marriage to Try and Topple Chicken Sandwich Shop

  1. Michael

    August 7, 2012 at 9:31 am

    I arrived at this article trying to understand if Chick Fil A is as popular with Korean teenagers as it is here. It seems like it’s genuinely enjoyed by a lot of different people, and I expect after the current silliness homosexuals will resume eating there.