Asian Americans and GOP Primary in Florida

According to 2010 Census data Asians and Pacific Islanders represent 2.5% of the nearly 19 million Floridians.  As of 2007, Asians and Pacific Islanders accounted for 3.3% of the ownership of firms.  This compares with 5% of the population nationwide, and 5.8% of firm ownership nationwide.  So, it’s probably stating the obvious that the impact of the Asian vote will not be large in the upcoming GOP primary.  Everyone reading this probably knew that already but we just wanted to write about what everyone else seems to be writing and talking about, the Republican primary.

Still, as they say, every vote counts.

It seems the Asian Republicans are not very formally organized in Florida.  We searched for any such organization and found nothing at the Florida GOP website.  The only thing that popped up is the Panhandle Asian Republican Women Network, Inc.  That group may not be too active because the banner picture is of McCain and Palin from 2008.  They say,

The Panhandle Asian Republican Women Network, Inc. is the first Asian Republican Women organization established in Florida.  The club is an active member of the Florida Republican Women’s Network and the National Republican Women’s Network.

Our goal is to develop an outreach program in the Panhandle by identifying Republican women from various ethnic Asian Countries. We offer education  and encourage involvement in the political process.  We are an important part of the 54% of women voters and know that 1 vote can make a difference in the outcome of an election.

The Panama City based organization does admit men.  One of the candidates gets support from Asian group, Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders for Rick Santorum and Asian Americans for Ron Paul 2012.  Gingrich met with Asian American leaders in California nearly 6 months ago.  At the time of publication, we were not able to confirm formalized group support for Romney, although, previously noted on Magnumasi, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, of South Asian descent, supports Romney.

One Response to Asian Americans and GOP Primary in Florida

  1. Michael

    March 11, 2012 at 9:06 am

    I agree with LibertyNow. The Republican party did not loose because of mere acnaerappes. It lost because they became watered down democrats. The Republicans pretended to support individual liberty and capitalism (which are essentially synonymous), when in fact they compromised on it every chance they could. Though the compromise is what caused the failure, the American people have associated our present ills, not with that compromise, but with capitalism and individual liberty. It is no wonder they have voted a power lusting socialist into office!We have given up too much already. We must not compromise on our principles, and any Republican who does ought to be tossed out of the party, lest the destruction he wrought gets associated with it.