Asian-Am Attorneys Not Happy With $450 Hour Billing Rate

According to the 2011 Midlevel Associates Survey, conducted by  The American Lawyer, Asian American lawyers as mid-level associates made the highest annual salaries of all races identified, $191,074.  Even though it was down $3,000 from the year before, it was still the highest average among the races who identified themselves in the survey, i.e. White, African-American, Asian and Hispanic .  And, Asians represented the largest minority of respondents to the survey.

Not only are Asians making the most money, according to the survey, but they are reporting the highest job satisfaction of all four major racial categories.  So far this is a really good story for Asians working as lawyers.

Yet, the survey finds that Asian-Americans have the least satisfaction with their compensation.  Bloggist Vivien Chen at The Model Minority blog of lawjobs.com even suggests that this one finding means that, “APAs seem to be falling off the radar screen once again.” It could be noted, for the record, as attorneys often say, that the U.S. is part of a global recession, and the unemployment rates in the country have hardly ever been higher.

Asian dudes (and dudettes) have a billing rate average high at $450 per hour.  That sounds pretty sweet.  Looking at the glass half full, it could be more.