Agree or Disagree? TMZ Sez Apolo Ohno is Best Asian-American Athlete

Apolo Ohno for TMZ

TMZ website is running an article today called, “Who is the Best Asian-American Athlete?”.  The video captures Ohno leaving Gold’s Gym and asks him that question.  You should see the look on his face, like <gulp>.

The people that kibbutz over that throw out a bunch of names, including a couple of guys that are not Americans, like Manny Pacquiao and Yao Ming.  The video is pretty lame actually but some other interesting names get thrown around.  Some of the names are considered “too old”, like Kristy Yamaguchi.  Or not “full Asian”, like Tiger Woods.

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Actually the commenters at the site do better at offering Hines Ward, Michelle Kwan and others.  They say Kwan has 7 medals but wikipedia says she only has two.  However she does have that many U.S. Championship titles.  She is the child of Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong.

Hines Ward and Tiger Woods are both hapa-mas.  Skater Apolo Ohno is an 8 time Olympic medalist.  He was born in the U.S. to a Japanese father and Caucasian mother, making him one of the few hapa-pas we see in public life today.

So who’s the best Asian American athlete still competing today?  Of any time?  Best male?  Best female?